9 Questions To Find The Correct Protective Coating for Your Pipeline

No special coating can protect every pipeline from corrosion in all situations. Finding a suitable coating for each application can be challenging. But asking the best questions can help you find the product offering the best long-term performance.

To distinguish a coating for the job, understanding the project requirements and performance needs are key parts of the process. Here is a list of questions you should ask:

  1. Atmospheric condition: Is the application above or below ground?
    1. If above ground, will the coating be exposed to UV?
    2. If buried, what is the state of the soils or backfill? How soon will the pipeline be backfilled?
    3. Condition of the substrate or the existing coating. Which surface are preparations adequate methods? Is the existing coating well-bonded, and will it accept succeeding coatings?
    4. Are there limitations to which surface preparation methods, such as sandblasting or grinding, are allowed at the site?
    5. Is the pipe dry, or can it be dried?
  2. What is the width of the pipe?
  3. What is the service temperature of the pipe?
  4. What are the environmental conditions that will be present during the administration?
    1. temperature
    2. relative humidity
    3. Other?
  5. Are there abnormal shapes or details (flanges, tees) in the pipe?
  6. Is there an atmospheric “transition” area from below to above ground? Is additional mechanical protection required for protection at the freeze/thaw line?
  7. Is protection required from lawnmowers, string trimmers, and the like?
  8. Will the coating be employed by maintenance staff or a professional coating applicator?

The responses to these questions should be evaluated to determine the proper coating for the application.

Contact ArmorThane's team of technical consultants to assist you with the evaluation and provide pipeline product information that meets your specific application needs.

ArmorThane offers polyurea, polyurethane, and other polymers for sprayed-on coatings. These are specifically designed for building a number of pipeline and containment systems used in the oil and gas industries. Spraying a sand or soil pit covered with a geotextile material creates a bond that makes these barriers virtually indestructible being tear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and much more leak-proof. ArmorThane's coatings do not absorb and will not react with chemicals, so spills and other fluids sit harmlessly in the protected structure. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for the best coating product on the market.

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